PROBLEM #1  Really weird, crooked globe on pendant
In my dream kitchen (picture from a magazine), I loved the schoolhouse pendants over the island. Small and quaint. So when I found them, I thought “great – just what we need!” We made a lot of internet purchases for the house and this is the only one that has gone awry.

Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen from magazine


This is what our pendant looked like when it was installed…OOPS!


In trying to straighten it, Bob broke one of the globes. YIKES! When it came crashing down and broke into a million pieces, we just looked at each other. But the really weird part is that both of the globes were crooked. Bob took the fixtures down (which had already been installed by the electrician), we boxed them up, got on-line at Amazon where we bought them and requested a return authorization. In the meantime, I went to a local lighting store and purchased a different pendant. Honestly, it was about as painless as it could have been so I still highly recommend internet shopping.

Problem #2  Too many brick pillars

Gosh, I thought it was going to be a major ordeal because it involved brick.  Brick is permanent, right?  But when I called our fabulous builder David Williams and said, “It’s really hard to tell you this, but those brick columns are overpowering,” he said, “Let me make it easier, we’ll take some of them out.” And they did!!! Look at the difference. It’s a long story how the design had 5 columns, but it looks much better with two! With the new sidewalk and a gate, it’s going to look darling.





The lemonade from the lemon is that we now have extra salvaged brick to use as part of the fence.  My twin sister who worked in the travel industry in St. Thomas said that she would tell clients when their vacation plans went awry that the only difference between a vacation and an adventure is attitude.  I think the same holds true sometimes for building a house.  It’s all been a great adventure and a process!

There was a tornado in Norman recently. Whenever globes are crooked or something happens that is not what you thought it was going to be, I always try to filter it through a lens and see it the way God sees it. How bad is it really? This is how powerful the tornado was – a giant tree in a local park was uprooted.


I saw men with a truck marked Kansas City and they had chain saws cutting this tree into pieces that could be hauled away. I yelled at them and said, “I have an idea! Dynamite!!” They gave me a thumbs-up.  And this was just ONE tree…there were many like this.


We are so thankful that no one was killed in the tornado. God bless everyone who came to help get electricity back on and to clear debris and cut trees. I can deal with a few problems and not make them bigger than they really are when I think about how very blessed I am. Hope you have a blessed day, too.

Romans 5:1
“Since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.”