We are praying for our Chinese friends who are going through a terrible time right now with their two children.  Their 2-year-old son has a brain tumor that the doctor without a biopsy has indicated that it could be malignant.  Their second son was born two days ago and he is one month premature.  He was born at the Children’s Medical Hospital where the first son is having surgery.  Can you imagine having both of your children in intensive care?  We are praying for a miraculous healing and for grace and mercy on this dear family.  Our hearts go out and we want to be the hands and feet of Christ to minister to them.

I am posting this update for the Church Moms Facebook page.  Thank you for praying for this need.

Hello Everyone,

This is information from late Wednesday afternoon.

The surgery for Y went as planned.  The doctors removed as much of the tumor as was safe to do.  They will do an MRI this morning to determine how much of it is left.  They believe the tumor(located at the back of the head and at the base of the skull) not only was pressing on the spinal cord but has already metastasized (moved) into upper portions of the spine.  This probably explains why Y couldn’t or didn’t want to walk.    A sample of the tumor will be analyzed to determine if it is malignant and how aggressive it is.  But the initial understanding of the doctors is that this is a cancerous tumor.  The results of the analysis will not be available until sometime next week.  Once that report is available the doctors will determine what further treatment(such as chemotherapy or radiation) is needed.

Y will be in the pediatric intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital for at least a couple of days.  If he recovers well from the surgery and the incision heals normally, he will be able to go home in about a week.

There is also very exciting news to share . . .    Z and H have a new baby boy!!!    Early Wednesday morning(about 1:00AM) H began to bleed heavily.  She was there at Children’s Hospital so they took her quickly into the operating room and determined that a Caesarean section was needed immediately.  Little C (sorry I don’t have his Chinese name) was born about 2:30AM.  He only weighs about 4 and a half pounds but he seems to be doing well.  He is in the neonatal unit getting careful attention from the nursing staff.  The greatest concern is that his lungs clear and develop normally.  His color is good and he seems to be normal in every other way.  H was able to see him yesterday.  As she recovers from the C-section, she’ll be with C much more.  We don’t know how long he’ll need to be in the hospital before he can go home.

Well, those are the facts, but there is much more going on than this.  Z and H are carrying a heavy burden and there is so much unknown and uncertain about the future.  Please pray for them often.  They are not Christians yet but they are very grateful for our prayers and they are acknowledging they need God’s help.  Z’s mother is with them and this is emotionally a heavy burden for her as well.  Pray for her comfort and that they all will come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord through this difficult, painful time.  Pray that the emotional strain of this will not overwhelm them and harm them.  Matthew 6:34 says, “…do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Pray that this family will not worry about the future and that God will give them the strength and help they need to deal with the information that comes and the decisions that must be made on that given day.

Of course, we are praying for God’s perfect will to be done for Y, for the new baby, for the entire family.  God is fully in control.  He has a good and loving and merciful plan in all of this.  It is hidden from us right now and we may never in this life know and understand his plan fully, but He will fulfill his plan as we pray for and love this dear family.

Many of you are wondering how you can help in other ways.  There might be a need for meals; we aren’t sure at this point, but we’ll let you know if help is needed in that way.  Things will become clearer in the next few days as the doctors learn more about Y’s condition and as little Charlie gains strength.  At least for the next several days they will be at the hospital.

Thank you for loving and caring for this family.  Your prayers are making a difference!!

Love in Christ,

Bill and Pam      Jim and Jeri