We all want things to move fast. Microwave cooking – fast. Electronic credit card processing – instantaneous. Computer processing speed is now measured in gigahertz GHz which is 1,000 times faster than a megahertz MHz and a MHz wave cycles 1,000,000 times per second. Crazy!! Well, we actually thought we might be in the new house by Christmas, but in fact the old house hadn’t been demolished yet. No problem! Since we didn’t have our own house to celebrate Christmas with the kids (yea, Bob and I are sleeping in a tent!), we saw their grandmothers and our families, then we came back to Norman so Taylor could see the “old house”. We spent the night at The Montford Inn, a wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Norman. And, by the way, the house was demolished December 30. Perfect timing.

By spending the night at The Montford for Christmas and Sarah’s birthday, we made a memory that we otherwise would not have made!  And next Christmas we can be in the new house and say, “Remember last Christmas when…


The Montford Inn - Norman, OK Wonderful place to stay!


The Montford Inn