Unbelievable!  Beautiful!  Incredible!  We’re pretty certain you will agree! As an Oklahoma native son from Tulsa, Thomas Shahan’s love of nature began to focus on anthropods – yes, spiders – for their beauty!  Interestingly enough, his subjects are not in the Amazon rain forest or on a remote island somewhere.  Thomas captured these creatures – not in jars or in man-made traps, but through the art of macro-photography in their natural surroundings in Oklahoma.  These creatures are in your back yard – or at the very least, in the fields of rural Oklahoma – in our neighborhood!

Prepare to be amazed!!

Thomas’ work has been featured in National Geographic December 2011, exhibited in museums abroad, highlighted in a Smithsonian on-line article entitled “Locking Eyes with Spiders and Insects” and now his work has come home to Oklahoma!    Sam Noble Museum of Natural History



Thomas Shahan with me at the museum where there were tables and docents explaining the life of insects!  Then upstairs to the exhibit hall – beautiful!!!20130225-214407



This enormous poster greeted you as you entered the hall along with this picture of Thomas.20130225-214452

Thomas Shahan – Macro-photographer & Artist20130225-214507

This biographical sketch is worth squinting to read!20130225-214854

Then there were many people…20130225-214920-150x150
See Thomas patiently talking to everyone and probably answering the same question a hundred times:



Bob and I got to share some fun times with Thomas’ family – you see, they are good friends!  Thomas’ mom took this picture and I have no idea what she said, but it must have been funny!


Me with my good friend – Thomas’ mom – like a friend who let our son move into her dining room for a summer when we were living in Florida and he had no place to live. That’s another story and another memory, but the Shahan’s – they’re the best!  They fed and sheltered our son for an entire summer!  Need I say more?


AND Wayne Cohen of Flaming Lips fame…


Congratulations, Thomas!  We are very proud of you and have a new appreciation for the incredible beauty of spiders!   My personal feeling is that this is a reminder that:

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.”  I Corinthians 2:9

God’s ability to amaze us is infinite.  We can’t even begin to imagine it.  I now see spiders in a new way – now I know they are beautiful and wonderfully made!  And this is just a taste of what God can do.