The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

by C.S. Lewis

English Tutoring

In this tale by C.S. Lewis, you will meet new friends, animals that talk, and you will discover a land where it is always winter, but never Christmas. How sad that would be! But thankfully that is not how the story ends…it’s only the beginning so let’s go to Narnia!


The goal of this tutoring program is to help students improve their English skills, especially in listening and speaking. We feel the best way to achieve this goal is to give students an opportunity to speak 1:1 with someone whose first language is English.


Our tutoring is to help students improve their English skills. Your student doesn’t need to understand every word, but they do need a basic grasp of the English language. Their success will depend not only on their current level of English, but also on the time spent to understand the lesson so that they will be able to practice their spoken English when they meet with their Tutor.

The book has 17 chapters so ideally your student and the tutor would meet for 17 sessions. Before requesting a tutor, please review the content of the lessons to determine if the level of difficulty is appropriate for your student.

Chapter 1 Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe
Chapter 2 What Lucy Found
Chapter 3 Edmund and the Wardrobe
Chapter 4 Turkish Delight


Our tutors are all volunteers who speak English as their first language. Their commitment to your student is TIME! They will meet with your student for at least 25 minutes per week at a predetermined, regular fixed time.  They also send short messages at various times to encourage your student to communicate naturally in English.


The book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis can be purchased online at a very nominal cost to you. The greater cost is your student’s TIME commitment. Most students are very busy with school and homework, so please consider carefully if your student is able to make the time commitment not only to meet with their tutor, but also to read a chapter in the book. To take full advantage of this tutoring opportunity, a “read aloud” in each lesson will enrich your student’s experience by hearing and reading aloud to their tutor. The good news is that while the on-line meeting will be at a predetermined, regular fixed time each week, your student can read the chapter and do the “read alouds” at a time that is convenient for them during the week.

ON-LINE MEETING with their Tutor:  25 minutes per week at a predetermined, regular fixed time

READING THE BOOK: 30-60 minutes per week ~ time commitment depends on your student’s level of English understanding

READ ALOUD & MESSAGES: 10 – 15 minutes per week



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After we receive your request for a tutor, we will reply by email and begin working to match your student with an English tutor.