happy birthday photoPeer Tutoring’s birthday is July 8, 2018.  We’re not 12 years old ~ only 12 weeks!  Yes, on April 15 we assigned nine Peer Tutors from the USA to students from Qingdao.  Since then we have added a student from Guangzhou and a student from Shantou. We also have a waiting list of several students in Qingdao and Beijing.

同伴辅导语言学习”诞生于2018年7月8日。我们不是12岁 ~而是只有12周大!



What we have learned so far….
Here are a couple of things we have learned and observed during these first 12 weeks of Peer Tutoring:

  1. The time difference does make a difference ~ spontaneous communication can be difficult.
  2. Some students and tutors may not know what to chat about.
  3. We need more Peer Tutors!!!



1.时差问题确实是个问题 ~即兴的交流可能是困难的。

2. 一些学生和辅导老师可能不知道要谈什么。


What we will do to improve Peer Tutoring…
Here is what we are currently working on to improve Peer Tutoring:

  1. Instead of the goal to have 1:1 Peer Tutor:Student, we will create groups with a College Student as a facilitator of several students and Peer Tutors in each group.  The students and Peer Tutors will still be grouped by boys and girls and by age; however, there will be an older Student who can help guide the conversations.  This will hopefully solve the #1 and #2 problems above.
  2. I will recruit more Peer Tutors and facilitators!!!


1. 朝向1:1同伴辅导的目标: 孩子们,我们会创建由一名大学生作为协调者、多个学生和同伴辅导在一起的若干学习小组。学生和同伴辅导会按照男孩、女孩和年龄等因素多个人匹配成一组;同时,一个组里会配备一名年长的学生来帮助组织对话。我们希望这样能够解决以上第一和第二个问题。

2. 我们会招聘更多的同伴语言老师和大学生协调者!!!

WHAT’S NEXT???  If the Peer Tutor and student are communicating well, I will be happy for them to continue being 1:1.  Otherwise, I will be in touch with all the Peer Tutors as we re-group for the next 12 weeks.


I have started talking with leaders of college students at The University of Oklahoma to begin to recruit facilitators.  So please stay tuned!  Thank you to everyone for your patience and for your input!


Best regards,


Karen King
Tutoring Coordinator
We Chat ID iSissy3

Karen King