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We truly appreciate the effort it takes to learn another language. Most people first learn to read and write English. Then they want to learn how to use English in every day conversation, but they don’t know anyone who speaks English fluently as their first language. We love to help by giving you the opportunity to speak with an English speaker!

Lessons to Improve English Proficiency

All of our lessons are written to provide material to introduce English idioms and culture. While we discuss these lessons, we become friends ~ and isn’t that the best way to learn to speak a language for every day conversation?

1st Semester

10 weeks

2nd Semester

7 weeks

#14 The Good Shepherd

Sheep are rather helpless creatures.  A shepherd would protect his flock night and day. Particularly at night, a good shepherd would gather the sheep into a pen, a cave or an area with natural stone walls. Without a gate, the shepherd would often sleep or sit in the...

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#15 Absolute truth

With certainty, we all teach our children that 2 + 2 = 4.  No matter what language we speak, math and the laws of nature are the same.  Every culture has used mathematics because it is not random or unpredictable; it is universal. The Pythagorean theorem a^2 + b^2 =...

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#16 The True Vine

Grapes are a wonderful fruit. They can be made into jam, jelly, preserves, raisins, juice, vinegar, wine or even eaten raw. They have been shown to have health benefits regarding cancer, the heart, blood pressure, digestion, allergies, diabetes and the eye. Grapes are...

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16 weeks

Mark 4 ~ The Seed Sower

The seal of the University of Oklahoma features a picture of a person scattering seeds.  The image is called "the Seed Sower". David Ross Boyd, the first president of OU, scattered or "sowed" seeds of education, as well as literally planting many trees throughout the...

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Mark 5 ~ Facing Rejection

Have you ever been rejected by a person or an organization? How did that make you feel? Many times we don’t even attempt to do something because we are afraid of being rejected. In Mark 5 a man is rejected by the people from his town because of his actions. Jesus...

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Mark 6 ~ Contrast in Power

In Mark 6, we will see how a tyrannical ruler used his earthly power for an unthinkable act of evil and how Jesus used his infinite power to show his great compassion and love. Discussion King Herod Why had King Herod ordered John the Baptist be put into...

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Life Lessons

20 weeks

Peer Tutoring

As we all know, actually using a language can be more enjoyable and beneficial than being taught by a teacher or from a book. We are working on a program for young Chinese students who would like to practice their English with a peer – someone their age.

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