This mourning dove became the object of our admiration and affection.


The landscapers had leaned the ladder against one of the posts on our carport. Within an hour, there was a nest and that was that. In “googling” Mourning Doves, I learned they are not very good nest builders. That’s the truth – it was just twigs laying on top of a ladder!  But what she may have lacked in nest-building expertise, she made up for in perseverance and courage!  She built her nest and waited.




Then the rains came.  Wind, hail, thunder and lightning came.  Numerous freezing nights with wind blowing, hail pelting, rain falling all at the same time.  During a tornado warning, we took cover and when we came back, she was still there.  Remaining strong and unrelentingly loyal.

And then something wonderful happened.  She was rewarded.  Baby birds!  I was so relieved!!!  She made it…she did it!!  Yea!!!  I learned about squabs, fledlings and perseverance.  WOW!  Now I know.  Mourning doves are beautiful creatures – inside and out.

NOTE:  After the babies flew away, the next thing we knew she was nesting again above our back door.   Now wait a minute!!!

Thanks to Bryan Reynolds, freelance nature photographer, enjoy these beautiful photos!

Courtesy of:
Bryan E. Reynolds
Executive Office, President and Founder
Butterflies of the World Foundation

Mourning Dove


  Mourning Dove BR4

    Mourning Dove BR3

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