Preview: Mark 9  马可福音

In a moment of glory, the appearance of Jesus changed. This change is called “The Transfiguration”. A voice from heaven said: “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him.”

Instead of obeying and listening, the disciples argued about who will be the greatest. Twice in this chapter Jesus asked: “What are you arguing about?”  Then Jesus told his disciples that he would be betrayed and killed and that he would rise again on the third day. Jesus understood what was going to happen, but his disciples did not. After the resurrection, they remembered. They knew Jesus was alive again just as he had told them. 

1. Read Mark 9:1.  Name ways you see the kingdom of God come with power in this chapter. 

2. Read Mark 9:33. What were the disciples arguing about on the road? What truth did Jesus teach them? 

3. Mark 9:42-50 is an exaggeration for emphasis called “hyperbole”.  How can our hand, foot or eye cause us to stumble and not enter the kingdom of God? 

9:1 And Jesus said to them, Truly I say to you, there are some here who will have no taste of death till they see the kingdom of God come with power.

God Speaks

And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and made them go up with him into a high mountain by themselves: and he was changed in form before them:

9:3 And his clothing became shining, very white, as no cleaner on earth would make it.
9:4 And there came before them Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus.
9:5 And Peter said to Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be here: and let us make three tents; one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.
9:6 Because he was not certain what to say, for they were in great fear.
9:7 And a cloud came over them; and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my dearly loved Son, listen to him.
9:8 And suddenly looking round about, they saw no one any longer, but Jesus only with themselves.
9:9 And while they were coming down from the mountain, he gave them orders not to tell anyone the things they had seen, until the Son of Man had come back from the dead.
9:10 And they kept the saying, questioning among themselves what the coming back from the dead might be.
9:11 And they put a question to him, saying, Why do the scribes say that Elijah has to come first?
9:12 And he said to them, Truly, Elijah does come first, and puts all things in order; and how is it said in the Writings that the Son of man will go through much sorrow and be made as nothing?
9:13 But I say to you that Elijah has come, and they have done to him whatever they were pleased to do, even as the Writings say about him.

An Evil Spirit Is Defeated!

And when they came to the disciples, they saw a great mass of people about them, and scribes questioning them.

9:15 And straight away all the people, when they saw him, were full of wonder, and running to him, gave him worship.
9:16 And he said, What are you arguing with them about?
9:17 And one of the number said to him in answer, Master, I came to you with my son, who has in him a spirit which takes away his power of talking;
9:18 And wherever it takes him, it puts him down violently, streaming at the lips and twisted with pain; and his strength goes from him; and I made a request to your disciples to send it out, and they were not able.
9:19 And he said to them in answer, O generation without faith, how long will I have to be with you? how long will I put up with you? let him come to me.
9:20 And they took him to him: and when he saw him, the spirit in him straight away became violent; and he went down on the earth, rolling about and streaming at the lips.
9:21 And Jesus questioning the father said, How long has he been like this? And he said, From a child.
9:22 And frequently it has sent him into the fire and into the water, for his destruction; but if you are able to do anything, have pity on us, and give us help.
9:23 And Jesus said to him, If you are able! All things are possible to him who has faith.
9:24 Straight away the father of the child gave a cry, saying, I have faith; make my feeble faith stronger.
9:25 And when Jesus saw that the people came running together, he gave orders to the unclean spirit, saying to him, You, spirit, who are the cause of his loss of voice and hearing, I say to you, come out of him, and never again go into him.
9:26 And after crying out and shaking him violently, it came out: and the child became like one dead; so that most of them said, He is dead.
9:27 But Jesus took him by the hand, lifting him up; and he got up.
9:28 And when he had gone into the house, his disciples said to him privately, Why were we unable to send it out?
9:29 And he said to them, Nothing will make this sort come out but prayer.

Jesus Will Soon Give His Life

And they went out from there, through Galilee; and it was his desire that no man might have knowledge of it;

9:31 For he was giving his disciples teaching, and saying to them, The Son of man is given up into the hands of men, and they will put him to death; and when he is dead, after three days he will come back from the dead.
9:32 But the saying was not clear to them, and they were in fear of questioning him about it.

Who is the Greatest?

And they came to Capernaum: and when he was in the house, he put the question to them, What were you arguing about on the road?

9:34 But they said nothing: because they had had an argument between themselves on the way, about who was the greatest.
9:35 And seating himself, he made the twelve come to him; and he said to them, If any man has the desire to be first, he will be last of all and servant of all.
9:36 And he took a little child, and put him in the middle of them; and taking him in his arms, he said to them,
9:37 Whoever will give honor to one such little child in my name, gives honor to me: and whoever gives honor to me, gives honor not to me, but to him who sent me.
9:38 John said to him, Master, we saw one driving out evil spirits in your name: and we said that he might not, because he is not one of us.

Who is not against us?

But Jesus said, Say not so: for there is no man who will do a great work in my name, and be able at the same time to say evil of me.

9:40 He who is not against us is for us.
9:41 Whoever gives you a cup of water, because you are Christ’s, truly I say to you, he will in no way be without his reward.

What Causes You to Sin?

And whoever is a cause of trouble to one of these little ones who have faith in me, it would be better for him if a great stone was put round his neck and he was dropped into the sea.

9:43 And if your hand is a cause of trouble to you, let it be cut off; it is better for you to go into life with one hand than to have two hands and go into hell, into the eternal fire.
9:44 []
9:45 And if your foot is a cause of trouble to you, let it be cut off: it is better for you to go into life with one foot than to have two feet and go into hell.
9:46 []
9:47 And if your eye is a cause of trouble to you, take it out: it is better for you to go into the kingdom of God with one eye than, having two eyes, to go into hell,
9:48 Where their worm is ever living and the fire is not put out.
9:49 Everyone will be salted with fire.
9:50 Salt is good; but if the taste goes from it, how will you make it salt again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace one with another.
9:1 耶稣继续说:“我实在告诉你们,有些站在这里的人会在有生之年看见上帝的国带着能力降临。”



9:4  这时,以利亚和摩西在他们眼前出现,与耶稣谈话。
9:6 其实彼得当时不知说什么才好,因为他们都很害怕。
9:7 就在这时候,有一朵云彩飘来遮住他们,云彩中有声音说:“这是我的爱子,你们要听从祂。”
9:13 其实我告诉你们,以利亚已经来了,人们却任意对待他,正如圣经的记载。



9:16  耶稣问门徒:“你们跟他们辩论什么?”
9:20 他们把那孩子带到耶稣面前。那鬼一见耶稣,就使孩子抽搐,倒在地上打滚,口吐白沫。
9:21 耶稣问孩子的父亲:“他这样子多久了?”孩子的父亲回答道:“他从小就这样,
9:22 鬼常常将他扔进火里或水里,要害他的命。如果你能,求你怜悯我们,帮助我们吧!”
9:23 耶稣说:“如果你能 对于相信的人,凡事都有可能!”
9:24 孩子的父亲立刻喊着说:“我信!但我信心不足,求你帮助我!”
9:25 耶稣看见人群都跑了过来,就斥责那污鬼:“你这个聋哑鬼,我命令你从他身上出来,不许再进去!”
9:26 那鬼发出喊叫,使孩子剧烈地抽搐了一阵,就出来了。孩子躺在地上一动也不动,大家都以为他死了。
9:27 但耶稣拉着他的手扶他起来,他就站了起来。
9:28 耶稣进屋后,门徒悄悄问祂:“我们为什么赶不走那鬼呢?”
9:29  耶稣说:“要赶走这类鬼只有靠祷告[a]。”






9:37 “任何人为我的缘故接待这样一个小孩子,就是接待我;凡接待我的,不单是接待我,也是接待差我来的那位。”


9:38  约翰对耶稣说:“老师,我们看见有人奉你的名赶鬼,就阻止他,因为他不是跟从我们的。”

9:39  耶稣说:“不要阻止他,因为没有人奉我的名行过神迹后,会同时毁谤我。
9:40 不反对我们的,就是支持我们的。
9:41 我实在告诉你们,若有人因为你们属于基督而给你们一杯水喝,他也必得到赏赐。
9:42 “但若有人使基督的一个小信徒失足犯罪,他的下场比把大磨石挂在他脖子上扔到海里还要惨。
9:43 如果你一只手使你犯罪,就砍掉它!
9:44 拖着残废的身体进入永生,胜过双手健全却落入地狱不灭的火中。
9:45 倘若你一只脚使你犯罪,就砍掉它!瘸着腿进入永生,
9:46 胜过双脚健全却被丢进地狱!
9:47 如果你的一只眼睛使你犯罪,就剜掉它!独眼进上帝的国,胜过双目健全却被丢进地狱。
9:48 在地狱,虫是不死的,火是不灭的。
9:49 每个人都要被火炼,像被盐腌一样。
9:50 盐是好东西,但如果失去咸味,怎能使它再变回盐呢?你们里面要有盐,要彼此和睦。


9:29 [a]“祷告”有古卷作“祷告和禁食”。