In Mark 7, Jesus not only purposely went into heavily populated Gentile areas but he also had direct interaction with Gentiles. He even physically touched a Gentile man. We will attempt to learn what Jesus was trying to teach us with his actions.

Think about it!

  1. Into what region did Jesus go? What group of people would have lived in this area?
  2. What did the people ask Jesus to do?
  3. What happened to the man?
  4. Why do you think Jesus did not want the people to tell others about this miracle?
  5. What did the people find amazing?
  6. How does this miracle show that individual people are important to Jesus?

Word Lists & Helps
BC – “before Christ”
AD – Anno Domini is Latin for “year of our Lord” which means the number of years since Jesus was born
Egyptian – 3,000 to 300 BC (modern day Egypt in North Africa)
Persian – 600 to 300 BC (modern day Iran)
Greek – 700 to 100 BC (modern day Greece and the areas of the Egyptian and Persian empires)
Roman – 700 BC to 1453 AD (countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea – ended when the Ottoman Empire captured Constantinople)
Gentiles – people who were not Jewish (they generally worshipped many gods)
Jewish – people from Israel who worshipped God
Decapolis – Greek for “10 cities” populated by Gentiles