The painters have worked their magic. When looking for a paint, my philosophy is always to “copy”. One of the first blogs I found during one of my late-night web frenzies was I now feel I know “Holly”. She has given me a lot of inspiration. Granted the website is on a higher level of design than I can afford; but then again, that’s why my Pinterest ID is TASTETRUMPSCOST. So since it’s the same price to do pretty paint as ugly paint, I chose to “copy” one of the rooms on Holly’s blog. The funny thing is beware because you can’t imagine how many different combinations of “dove” that Benjamin Moore has. Search “dove” at and you get four: white dove not be confused with white-winged dove, dove wing or evening dove. So here’s what it looks like with White Sand (walls) and White Dove (barrel ceiling and trim).


Don’t you love this description of “white dove” off the Benjamin Moore website.
white dove Unerring style defines this classic, softly shaded white. Light and luminous, it is a favorite choice for moldings and trim.


And I give my dear friend Susan all the credit for the blue in the guest bath. I copied a paint from her house. It’s called Tidewater by Benjamin Moore.


Phase I of tile in the “wet area”. Small shower, but that’s because this is where the tub will go, too!


Love the tile guy Jerry. I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a master of detail and I got to the house one morning before 7 a.m. and he had been there since 5:30 a.m. I told him that’s dedication when you get up with a “4” on the clock. Great guy! Can’t wait for you to see what he’s done.


This is the door that came from the front door of the old house. I ran to Home Depot one night to pick the paint for this door. I guess I don’t always copy, because I picked “Aging Barrel” by Behr and I really like it. It’s kind of reddish brown, but you could also see it has a little greenish tint. Okay, I don’t know what color it is. But it’s nice.


When we were planning the electrical, at one point, I think we had as many as six switches here and I said, “Wait a minute…that will look ridiculous.” So we cut it down to four…which still kind of looks ridiculous.

The upstairs guest bath is the vision of our daughter Sarah. I had told her that she could design the upstairs bath. She probably thought I was being nice, but the truth is I trust her judgment and I didn’t want to think about another room. I had enough to think about. One day when we were in OKC, she took me to a restaurant and said, “I want you to see this bathroom….” “What do you think about this wainscoting?” “What do you think about just painting a band of color around the top of the bathroom?” “What do you think about….” Here it is….the vanity is going to be black.





So far…so good. We’re making progress!!! Thanks for sharing the adventure with us.