On December 26 we celebrated Sarah’s birthday in Norman. First stop was 815 Cruce to show Taylor the site of the new house. We didn’t have a key to the old house, but no problema. When we arrived, Sarah had already broken a window and was inside. She said it would be her first, last and only time to legally break into a house. So our little family reunion began with a legal break-in (is that a contradiction in terms?).

Bright and early on Friday, December 30 Bob and I arrived to find people who looked official – official demoltion-ists! Blue pick-up that said DEMOLITION, blue jackets and a bobcat. Small piece of equipment but it looked official and promising.



After watching the men in blue jackets for about 15 minutes, I needed to take Bob to a dental appointment. As we drove away, we passed a very large truck pulling a trailer with a big backhoe on it. The truck said K&M Wrecking. We looked at each other and said, “They are going to our house!” I hurried and when I got back, this is what I saw! I couldn’t believe it. They had already brought the house down! FAST!



And within hours it looked like this. Clean, efficient, no trace of the house, except the sidewalk that once led to the front door.
I know it was sad to see the old house go…but with no foundation and a lot of problems, this was a new day! And a beautiful day for a demolition.

Thanks, K&M Wrecking. What a great job you did! Here’s a video of the demolition – Fast forward to about 1′ to about 1′ 45″ mark where he’s compacting the debris in the truck with the claw. This guy knew what he was doing!