okay, it wasn’t a total meltdown.  It was a derailing of significant proportions.  I’m Kathy (Kat), the one that sits at her computer and tries to make things work on the computer and even try and make them pretty.

In the past week, in an effort to “make things pretty”, the decision was made to move some blogs to a different server… oh, you don’t want the gory details.  For awhile the entire blog was gone.  If you tried to access it, you couldn’t get there.  And do NOT ask me, “and how do you like WordPress?”  In any event, we are back up and running.  The only thing that is sad, but fixable is the pictures got trashed in the process and will have to be reloaded.  (Karen was absolutely tickled to death to hear that she gets to do that again!)

The good news is that we continue on our journey to be “lean and mean” and to achieve our goal of having a fully integrated, automated system for our business and communication.  If you haven’t visited our business websites and/or blogs, you need to.  And we really would appreciate you subscribing to our Newsletters.  There are two of them.  One is Green Tiger Newsletter and the other one is Hello Health Newsletter.  They will keep you informed of the latest news and do’s for going green and getting healthy.

And me… I need to go.  I either have swallowed part of my napkin with my sandwich or have a hairball.  AAACCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!