The latest focus on my Shaklee business will be “Infinite Possibilities”.  It is an appropriate theme for the new year, because while many companies are faced with dire economic times, Shaklee just seems to be thriving.

I’m sure the 50+ year history helps, but also their commitment to being a green company from start to finish – from their business practices to the products they make.  The viewpoint of the normal, everyday American has dramatically changed over the past year, with everyone looking at Going Green as a normal rite of passage for every human and business.

The best product for helping these people go green is Shaklee’s Basic H2.  First developed by Dr. Shaklee in the 1960’s, it has a proven track record for effectiveness and safety.  When I show someone a 16oz bottle that retails for $12.45 and then explain that bottle can make over 5,000 bottles of window cleaner, it makes it a no brainer for them to decide to buy.  Now, the down side is that it lasts so long!  But I know that if a person will start using Basic H2, they will quickly realize the myriad of uses and then start to use it in lieu of all window cleaners, fruit washes, spot cleaners for laundry, floor cleaners, counter cleaners, and it goes on and on.