have you really tried all the other things that can REALLY make a difference in your risk of heart disease?  I mean, like all those things that are so hard to be honest about… diet and exercise.  I can spout this blasphemy because I am guilty.  Of having high cholesterol and not doing the diet and exercise. I AM NOT going to take Crestor.

Read the studies.  Do your homework.  It makes no sense.  Medical doctors have totally lost their capacity to sit and tell a patient, “If you want to live longer and healthier, you need to get your rump off the couch and take a walk.”  and  “If you want to lose weight, you have got to stop eating at fast food restaurants and discover the pleasures of perishable food.”

Stop. Go to your kitchen. Count how many different FRESH fruits and vegetables you have. If you’ve got over 10, you’re way past where most mortals live.  If you’ve got 5, you’re becoming marginal.  Especially if you’re tried to count as your fresh vegetables that 10 lb. bag of potatoes and the mushrooms you’re getting ready to dip in flour and deep fry.  If you’ve only got 1, you need to make sure your life is in order.

I’m going to get my cholesterol down by doing the things that will actually save my life.  I’m going to exercise.  I’m going to eat right.  And I’m going to be happy.   Hmmmm.  I did bring home some fresh strawberries.  If I just made a little shortcake, it would really make me eat more strawberries.  A little whipped cream would make it a real treat.  I’ll give myself just a little treat before I make all those big changes.  I mean, honestly, who ever made big changes like that on a Tuesday?

Shaklee's answer to the problem

Shaklee's answer to the problem

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