20130723-103521.jpgMy twin sister Kathy and I celebrated our birthday this month and for the first time in many years, we were together ON our birthday!  It took some planning since she lives in Florida, I live in Oklahoma and we always see each other on the 4th of July when our entire family meets in Perry, OK at my brother’s farm.  But this year was a special year.  Turning 60 deserved some special treatment.  After spending a week in Oklahoma, we started our journey with an overnight stay at my brother’s house in Arkansas and they treated us like royalty.  After fishing in their pond, they sang “Happy Birthday” to us with cards, cake and candles.  But that’s another story…

20130723-105954.jpgWe are not “shop ’til you drop” types; but for our birthday, we decided to create a day together at the little shops in downtown Melbourne.  We had lunch at a Cuban restaurant called “Le Bon” – it was a French restaurant and the Cuban brothers who own it hadn’t had time to change the name yet.  They had coffees (thus the glass jars) and an amazing menu with hot sandwiches and a dessert called Arepas.  Our Le Bon arepa was filled with guava and cream cheese served hot!  Delicious!  So imagine this….very friendly, nice Cuban brothers in a restaurant called Le Bon serving South American corn cakes called arepas.  I love Florida!  I love America!

The necklace I’m wearing is very colorful and made of bones – I bought it at a little shop called GO FISH, a Christian company that supports and sells crafts made in under-developed countries.  Okay – I love the necklace, but I love even more to think about someone in Peru making this by hand for me.  I am such a spoiled American – maybe this necklace will remind me of that so I don’t forget.


Because the next stop was a cute shop called Unique Treasures and I found this darling outfit.

Now I don’t have a picture of what iSissy2 purchased (my older sister is iSissy1 and I’m iSissy3), but I will take one later…when I can slow Kat down long enough for a picture!

The pictures below are worth a thousand words.  We had a fabulous dinner at home, then our husbands surprised us with chocolate cake, singing Happy Birthday and candles – special candles that don’t blow out.  Even if you are 60, it’s funny when you blow out a candle and it re-lights.

But the really funny story was when Bob and Robert told us about making the chocolate cake – they used a tape measure and calculated the volume of the mixture so they could decide what pans to use.  When they said they thought it made sense, Kat said, “I’ve never used a tape measure when baking a cake…”  We cracked up laughing!!!  We love our guys!!!

Hope you enjoy our collection of birthday pictures!














Happy Birthday to us!  Happy Birthday to us!!!  And many more!!!!