Anxiety is partly chemical and a large part thoughts.  Preparing your mind and spirit to be a “cheerleader” is the precursor to being happy. You can take lots of vitamins; but if you remain a pessimist, you will continue to be depressed. Happy thoughts and “gianormous” smiles will help change the chemicals inside.   Being on or off medication doesn’t change your thoughts…you have to change your thoughts. And make the decision to eat for your mental health.

Some people will choose to take one anti-depressant instead of eating a healthy diet and taking 15 vitamins.  Yes, sometimes  you might need 15 vitamins a day.  Depressed persons will probably always have higher needs for these vitamins, they need to know they are making a life-changing decision.  In 3 months you can start to wean yourself down with nutrition and vitamin, but if you eat the traditional diet loaded with sugar–you will be depressed.   You have got to get rid of sweets and processed foods.  In a year you probably can handle the carbs a little at a time, but for now you have to re-teach your brain.

Antidepressant medications can have side effects for abrupt don’t stop too early!  You can attempt decreasing  the medication slowly, perhaps by quarters every 5 days.  Make sure to take B-Complex and Omegas long term.   Keep your urine neon–no just yellow, but neon yellow–which means you have B-Complex in your system for your body to use.  B-Complex is a great stress nutrient and it’s water-soluble so you need it on-board often.

You see the neurotransmitters need more stress nutrients and although long ago the carbs were the best natural source of B vitamins—now they are not.  Now empty caloried foods use more nutrients to digest them than they provide for the body so we must not only eat well, but also supplement wisely.

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