I didn’t take my fish oil for a couple of days… so today I paid the toll for such utter complacency.  For several years now, I have just absolutely refused to take any more prescription medication to try and control my bipolar disorder.  It was just too hard.  And I tried ALL of them.  They all made me very one-dimensional.  I felt like I would be drooling at any minute.

And for those who are already ready to pen some poison comment regarding the need to “work with the doctor to find the medication and doseage that is effective”.  Don’t waste your ink.  I DID try to work with a psychiatrist.  What a pill pusher.  He scheduled his appointments for 10 minutes each.  That’s enough time to say, “How’s it going?”  For you to be allowed a very brief response before he does 1 of 2 things.  Writes you a new prescription for a different drug or writes a continuing prescription for the drug you’re taking.

Omega-3 has been a lifesaver.  I actually have developed a full range of supplements to help “tame the tiger.”  This includes OmegaGuard, a product from Shaklee.  I tried the fish oil products found on the shelves at your local Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.  It is NOT the same.  When I took those products from the big box stores, it didn’t work.  I wasThe fish oil that can make a difference. almost convinced that fish oil wasn’t for bipolar disorder.  Ha!  When I finally started taking the Shaklee OmegaGuard, it was a huge.

The fish oil that can make a difference.

If you, or anyone you know suffers from depression or bipolar, encourage them to try OmegaGuard.  Yes, talk to your doctor about it… no, don’t stop taking your other medication without advising your doctor.  But, don’t let prescription medications rob you of an important part of you.

So, all that to say, today was hard. I was hard on myself.  Hard on my husband.  Poor Robert. He gets mad, sad and scared.  What has really changed his approach is when I was finally able to communicate to him that while he has the ability to walk out of the room, out of the house, anything to get away from me when I am raging, I am stuck.  I am stuck dealing with this raging thing that exists inside of me.  Sometimes I wish I could just get away from me, too.  I need a vacation from me.  I still just can’t find the right travel agency to make those arrangements.