With the inside and outside 99% finished, we made great progress and the “yard” began to take shape when they installed the fence.  The sod is filling in, but the landscaping will have to wait until the 100 degree plus days of summer have come and gone.  For now we have a crape myrtle (dark OU crimson red) at the front next to the alley. Our current wish list includes a White Out Rose – ‘Radwhite’ between the sidewalk on your left as you walk through the gate.

Our plan for the area between the fence and the house will be stepping stones with all landscaping (no bermuda).  Along this narrow path beside the house we’re going to plant pencil hollies with clematis intertwined.   Thanks, Carol Kahn of Paverscapes for that great idea and the pavers.  Any suggestions from anyone are welcome for east side, shade with limited direct morning sun.


On this trellis we want to plant red and white climbing roses.


Between the trellis and the back gate is the perfect spot for a grill.  Good thing it’s the perfect spot since it’s the ONLY spot!


This is the back/side door…


This is the front door…..

Front door

More pictures later of the inside.  We didn’t want to post with sheets on the windows and boxes unpacked.  But we are in and the lights are on.  We hope friends and family will come visit us!