Healthy! Delicious! Very pretty!

Call it a Smoothie…call it a Slush…It’s a healthy, delicious drink. We served these yesterday along with a homemade boxed lunch for 25 people who came to our house after church. Everyone loved the drink! The recipe for this Limeade Slush is:

6 T. Shaklee Performance Lemon-Lime flavor  item #20351
3 T. Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein Vanilla flavor  item #20665
6 oz. can Limeade Frozen Concentrate
2 cans of water
Fill blender with ice. Try a sample drink of the mix, then add more Lemon-Lime Performance to taste if you would like to have it more tart.
Serve in a pretty glass with a lime slice on the side and voile! Delicious!
Disclaimer: I know…I know…the limeade concentrate has sugar in it, but it has a lot of redeeming value with Shaklee Performance (for endurance) and Soy Protein (for energy). And your guests will love it!

Visit us at and enter the item #’s above to learn more about these great Shaklee products.  FYI – a version of Shaklee Performance is used by NASA to rehydrate astronauts on re-entry from space!  COOL!  Energizing Soy Protein is a complete protein carefully made from non-GMO soy.