All kinds of books have been written about entertaining.  How to have a bridal shower.  How to serve a brunch.  How to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.  How to fold a napkin.  But have you EVER heard any of them say, “Oh, by the way, make sure your house is clean.”  I’ve never seen it.  I guess it’s a given that everyone knows that you need to clean the house before having a party or having company come to spend the night.    Entertaining really does start with a clean space.  But who has time to clean when you’re getting everything else ready?

The Art of Housekeeping to the rescue!!!   With our Master Collection , you’ll get twice the shine in half the time, your house will be really clean like you want it, you’ll have energy to spare, and you’ll be bubbly and happy to entertain your friends and your special guests.

So there you have it – ENTERTAINING 101 = Clean with our Master Collection of microfiber and green cleaning products and your house will be a masterpiece for your guests to enjoy!  Happy Entertaining!  Let’s have a party!!!