To receive an “occupancy certificate” last May, we had to have grass and at least two trees so we planted a Cleveland Select Pear (with beautiful bark) and a small, wimpy “it will grow” crepe myrtle; but that was about it.

Our plan was to wait until spring break this year to landscape so that everything would have a chance to be established before the blast of summer heat arrived; however, we weren’t able to get it together for several reasons – one of them being hard freeze warnings in April.  We love Oklahoma weather!

A couple of weeks ago, we hired professionals.  We love what they did with cherry laurels, azaleas that apparently do not require shade, Indian hawthorne, something called kaleidescope something-er-other, some grasses, a Japanese maple, an evergreen called Cedrus deodora “Kashmir” along with moneywort and begonias.

And with that, I say, “Thanks for watching and sharing in the building of our little house!  Come by ‘n sit a spell and I’ll make some lemonade!” God bless you every one!




Finishing touch?   Birdbath…my idea!