If you like a lot of different design styles, why not just use them all? For a small space, we have a lot goin’ on. We wanted to make the exterior “sophiscated charm”, the living room is garden traditional, the dining room is country maple, the kitchen is Shaker, the downstairs bath is spa-Asian, the Master Bedroom is transitional (whatever that means), my office is modern-industrial meets Persian Karastan, the utility room is twig-like and mottled, the upstairs is “old school” and the upstairs bath is Victorian cottage. After typing all of that I’m about to crack up laughing. It’s all true!

The downstairs bath will be a combination guest/master bath.  The tile will be Interceramic’s Linen Marrone and guess what it looks like? Linen. And, yes, I caved. Even though glass mosaics are going to scream 2012, I think they are so pretty so there will be an upper border of glass mosaics.

Guess which tile I picked for the kitchen?

At first, I couldn’t decide whether to use both of these tiles together in the kitchen backsplash, but I decided to just use the green. My thought was “when in doubt, don’t” and I thought it would be too dangerous to try to use them both. I didn’t want it to look like a checkerboard.


This faux marble tile is going in the upstairs bath with wainscoting and a Victorian faucet.


The cabinet guys were great. One of them said he loves his work because when he is finished it has started to look like a home. Great group of guys.
Carpenters + tools + wood = cabinets!






Wait until you see these finished and painted. That’s next! Thanks for watching our house grow!