The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Chapter 16 What Happened about the Statues


Highlight in yellow (or any color you like) words in the book that you do not understand. Look up the word and write its meaning in the margin of your book. Here are some words that are possibly new to you.


gibbered (gibberish)
din of that onset
“Look lively, everyone!”
handkerchief (today we say “kleenex”)


Listen to Chapter 16 being read to you in English:


First paragraph in Chapter 16

“What an extraordinary place!” cried Lucy. “All those stone animals – and people too! It’s – it’s like a museum.”


Last paragraph in Chapter 16 

“Off my back, children,” shouted Aslan. And they both tumbled off. Then with a roar that shook all Narnia from the western lampost to the shores of the eastern sea the great beast flung himself upon the White Witch. Lucy saw her face lifted toward him for one second with an expression of terror and amazement. Then Lion and Witch had rolled over together but with the Witch underneath; and at the same moment all war-like creatures whom Aslan had led from the Witch’s house rushed madly on the enemy lines, dwarfs with their battle axes, dogs with teeth, the Giant with his club (and his feet also crushed dozens of the foe), unicorns with their horns, centaurs with swords and hoofs. And Peter’s tired army cheered, and the newcomers roared, and the enemy squealed and gibbered till the word reechoed with the din of that onset. 

DISCUSS with your Tutor

  1. What effect did Aslan’s breath have on the statues? 
  2. Where were Peter & Edmund while Lucy and Susan were with Aslan at the Witch’s castle? 
  3. Who finally defeated the White Witch? 

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Today there is a battle between good and evil. 
Do you ever feel like evil is winning? 

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