Mark 1 ~ Good News!

If someone said, “I have good news,” what do you think they might say next?   In Mark 马可福音 chapter 1, the words “new, news or good news” appear six times.  Discussion: Mark 1 What is the gospel or good news about?   Mark 1:1 What did Jesus say... read more

Mark 2 ~ Jesus, the One & Only

What makes a person unique?  Throughout history rulers, leaders, scientists, artists and philosophers have been recognized for their personal talents and abilities. However all of these people are still just people.  Their accomplishments are limited. In Mark 马可福音... read more

Mark 3 ~ The Twelve

Twelve is an interesting number. In English, we call twelve things “a dozen”. Eggs are sold by the dozen. Many things are cheaper by the dozen. In the Bible, Jesus chose a specific group of men to follow him and they are called “the twelve... read more

Mark 4 ~ The Seed Sower

The seal of the University of Oklahoma features a picture of a person scattering seeds.  The image is called the “Seed Sower”. David Ross Boyd, the first president of OU, scattered or “sowed” seeds of education, as well as literally planting... read more