Imagine a small, charming house with a picture window and a vaulted ceiling in the living room. Pretty!  Now imagine a vaulted barrel ceiling.

As framing started, we googled “barrel ceiling” and found this website H-m-m-m “ceilings-made-easy_barrel-vaults” sounded promising. You can even watch a video of how they build a barrel ceiling and they make it look easy.  We asked our builder David Williams about a barrel vaulted ceiling in the living room (Karen) and what it might cost (Bob). He said, “I work with a company in Dallas. I’ll check and let you know.” Lo and behold, the cost was not that much and we ordered the barrel.


Without the barrel



Looking toward the window…this reminds of the ribs of a dinosaur…


Looking the other direction away from the window….so cool!

2012-10-16 12.58.11

Stunning results! Photo compliments of Krittenbrink Architecture & Shevaun Williams Photography.