#2 What we all have in common

While we all have many differences, here are some of the things we have in common. Fill in the blanks with these words: birthday | cells | oxygen | respect | water | dumplings | love | fingerprint We all need ____________________________ to live. Our bodies contain... read more

#15 The True Vine

Grapes are a wonderful fruit. They can be made into jam, jelly, preserves, raisins, juice, vinegar, wine or even eaten raw. They have been shown to have health benefits regarding cancer, the heart, blood pressure, digestion, allergies, diabetes and the eye. Grapes are... read more

Life Sketch – Bob King

My family was not in the habit of going to church when I was a child.  My parents were good people but being with other Christians was not important to them. My father was in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. He participated in some horrific battles in the... read more