20120527-233912.jpgOnce upon a time there were five pillars. A previous post “When things go wrong” explains how five pillars became two pillars plus a pile of bricks. There is now a nice sidewalk where there will be a fence and a little gate between the two pillars that are left. SWEET!


Our builder’s wife created a display case above their refrigerator in their really beautiful home. I told our builder that I thought it was brilliant so he built one for us! SWEET!


We replaced the small crooked schoolhouse globes (good material for the “when things go wrong” post) with these really cool pendants. SWEET!


Tile, plumbing, sinks and tubs are in!




And lights!


This schoolhouse globe hangs over the stairs. I can’t believe we almost didn’t buy it. We saw it at a lighting store in Dallas that was selling all of their displays in order to relocate their store. It wasn’t in a box so when we said we would take it, they wrapped it in bubble wrap and literally handed it to us all in one piece just like it had come down from the display. We were thinking, “Oh great, this thing may not even work.” Now it is one of my favorite things about the whole house.


Can you believe this picture of the globe taken on “macro” setting without a flash? I took it and shocked even myself! Beautiful!


Home SWEET Home! We’re moving soon!