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We truly appreciate the effort it takes to learn another language. Most people first learn to read and write English. Then they want to learn how to use English in every day conversation, but they don’t know anyone who speaks English fluently as their first language. We love to help by giving you the opportunity to speak with an English speaker!

Lessons to Improve English Proficiency

All of our lessons are written to provide material to introduce English idioms and culture. While we discuss these lessons, we become friends ~ and isn’t that the best way to learn to speak a language for every day conversation?

1st Semester

10 weeks

#2 What we all have in common

While we all have many differences, here are some of the things we have in common. Fill in the blanks with these words: birthday | cells | oxygen | respect | water | dumplings | love | fingerprint We all need ____________________________ to live. Our bodies contain...

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2nd Semester

7 weeks

#12 Bread of Life

Bread is served around the world in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and flavors. Every culture uses bread as a base for some of their most popular dishes like pizza or dumplings!  For sandwiches, plain white bread has taken a back seat to more interesting kinds...

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16 weeks

Mark 1 ~ Good News!

If someone said, "I have good news," what do you think they might say next?   In Mark 马可福音 chapter 1, the words "new, news or good news" appear six times.  Discussion: Mark 1 What is the gospel or good news about?   Mark 1:1 What did Jesus say was good news? Mark...

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Mark 2 ~ Jesus, the One & Only

What makes a person unique?  Throughout history rulers, leaders, scientists, artists and philosophers have been recognized for their personal talents and abilities. However all of these people are still just people.  Their accomplishments are limited. In Mark 马可福音...

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Chronicles of Narnia for kids

17 chapters

Famous Art & English

Would you like to improve your English in an interesting and unique way?  Learn by appreciating these five paintings by Rembrandt. 
Learn more about famous art and English. 

English Tutoring for Kids

We feel the best way to improve language skills is by using the language, particularly to improve listening and speaking. 
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