Grand Tour

We watched as boards and bricks turned into a home so we wanted to share a little Grand Tour with you.  Thank you for sharing this special time with us and for celebrating a vision that became reality by the very real blessing from God.  We pray that the house will be... read more

When things go wrong…

PROBLEM #1  Really weird, crooked globe on pendant In my dream kitchen (picture from a magazine), I loved the schoolhouse pendants over the island. Small and quaint. So when I found them, I thought “great – just what we need!” We made a lot of... read more

Making progress

  The painters have worked their magic. When looking for a paint, my philosophy is always to “copy”. One of the first blogs I found during one of my late-night web frenzies was I now feel I know “Holly”. She has given... read more

Cohesive Eclectic

If you like a lot of different design styles, why not just use them all? For a small space, we have a lot goin’ on. We wanted to make the exterior “sophiscated charm”, the living room is garden traditional, the dining room is country maple, the... read more

Brick, doors, floors and more

There are two ways to pick out brick (maybe there are more ways, but I only know of two!). Look at the samples, then find houses that have that brick on them OR find a house you like and see if you can find out what brick it is. We did a combination of those two... read more