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Some promises are made without much thought. “See you next Tuesday for lunch.” We intend to follow through but something more important might interfere with our plans or we may even forget! Sometimes we make very significant promises, like in our marriage vows, that we fully intend to keep but for a variety of reasons we do not always honor. In order to gain the trust and respect of those we associate with ~ family, friends, coworkers, etc., we should strive to treat everything we say as a promise to be kept. When we are unable to keep a promise, even a simple one, we should let the person affected know ahead of time to prevent disappointment and to maintain trust. Trust is hard to establish with another person, but can be easily damaged.

Bible Reading

Genesis 12:1-3

God made a very special promise to a man named Abraham. God promised that he would make a great nation and that from one of Abraham’s descendants the entire world would be blessed. Abraham believed God despite what seemed humanly impossible at the time. Abraham was already an old man and did not have any children. Abraham’s wife Sarah was also past child-bearing age. Abraham had great faith. God said that Abraham had a right relationship with Him because of his faith. God kept His promise to Abraham. Sarah had a son named Isaac. From Isaac’s son Jacob the nation of Israel was born. From generation to generation God kept His promise to eventually provide a blessing to the entire world. This blessing came through Abraham’s descendant Jesus.

Romans 4:18-21

In Paul’s letter to the Romans in the New Testament, he recounts how Abraham believed God through all the long years of his life and through all of his difficult circumstances. Paul uses Abraham as an example of the faith that God desires us to have. Abraham did not have a right relationship because of what he did but because of his trust in God. Paul wrote that, in the same way today, we can demonstrate faith in God’s promises through His son, Jesus Christ. And through this faith, we can have a right relationship with God. This relationship is God’s gift to us and is not earned on the basis of our efforts.


  1. Considering a promise is a pledge or commitment, what was the last promise you can remember making?
  2. Have you made any promises to yourself?
  3. Do you feel that God has made any promises to you?

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