#11 Life Sketch of Jesus

During our first meetings, we introduced ourselves by sharing our life sketch, an introduction of what we wanted to know about each other.  Today we will talk about what Jesus wants us to know about him.  Each of these statements from the Bible tells us an important... read more

#12 Bread of Life

Bread is served around the world in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and flavors. Every culture uses bread as a base for some of their most popular dishes like pizza or dumplings!  For sandwiches, plain white bread has taken a back seat to more interesting kinds... read more

#13 Light of the World

Through an enormous amount of study and elaborate experiments, Thomas Edison successfully invented a practical and inexpensive light bulb and demonstrated it on December 31, 1879, at his laboratory in New Jersey – a Herculean achievement that had challenged... read more

#14 The Good Shepherd

Sheep are rather helpless creatures.  A shepherd would protect his flock night and day. Particularly at night, a good shepherd would gather the sheep into a pen, a cave or an area with natural stone walls. Without a gate, the shepherd would often sleep or sit in the... read more

#15 Absolute truth

With certainty, we all teach our children that 2 + 2 = 4.  No matter what language we speak, math and the laws of nature are the same.  Every culture has used mathematics because it is not random or unpredictable; it is universal. The Pythagorean theorem a^2 + b^2 =... read more

#16 The True Vine

Grapes are a wonderful fruit. They can be made into jam, jelly, preserves, raisins, juice, vinegar, wine or even eaten raw. They have been shown to have health benefits regarding cancer, the heart, blood pressure, digestion, allergies, diabetes and the eye. Grapes are... read more