Peer Tutoring’s Birthday

Peer Tutoring’s birthday is July 8, 2018.  We’re not 12 years old ~ only 12 weeks!  Yes, on April 15 we assigned nine Peer Tutors from the USA to students from Qingdao.  Since then we have added a student from Guangzhou and a student from Shantou. We also... read more

China 2018 ~ Trip of a Lifetime!

Many of our previous students who returned to China had said, “Come to China to see us!”  AND WE DID!  We had no idea how wonderful this trip would be ~ but indeed it was ~ as you shall see. It was no small accomplishment for our Chinese friends to meet us... read more

Do you believe in miracles?

Message:  Mark 6:1-6a     Jesus Returns to Nazareth After the miraculous raising from the dead of Jairus’ daughter, where did Jesus go ~ ?  (verse 1) Even though the people were amazed at Jesus’ teaching in the synagogue, what was their reaction to him?... read more

Making Life Decisions

Certain decisions in life require more thought than others.  Whether to have chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream doesn’t matter a whole lot ~ unless you are like me and you want to get the maximum enjoyment from what you are eating to make sure the calories... read more